Agarwood Resin Encourage Process

Resin Encourage Process (C.B.G)

This process is key point of agarwood plantation because it is value added processing of agarwood. Agarwood which can encourage have specification as bellow,

1. Breed is correct.
2. Have 5 Years old up.
3. Have circle line round trunk 40 cm. up. (Measure high from ground 130 cm.)
4. Have erect and tall trunk. Fewer branches. Straight trunk. Strong base.
5. Delicate wood
6. Strong and completed trunk without accumulate chemical.
7. Should do in raining season. If summer should give water to get more effective.

Encourage Drilling Process

1.Checking direction of sun shine and wind. Try to stand not drill side face to wind direction and drilled side face to sun shine.
2. If agarwood never trimming branch, Let trimming branch balance weight to trunk by trimming away from trunk about 20 cm. to protect water get in to trunk.
3. Find out straight line from base to top. Select the best straight line side face to opposite side of wind. Then start drill from this line.
4. Measure from ground 50 cm. then drill first hole here. By drill hole askew up 30 degrees. Drill deep away from trunk middle 2 cm. Don’t drill slant to left/right side, not deep exceed trunk center and not pierce center by strictly. Have to drill follow straight line from first to last hole. First hole have to drill bigger, second hole to No. 9 are drill as normal. Distance between holes is 10 cm. or 4 inch. When drill to No. 10, have to drill bigger again. Every 1 Meter has to drill hole bigger. Do like this until to the top. After that use bamboo which have hole hammer to bigger hole. Let bamboo poke from trunk about 2.5 cm.(as picture). Plugging bamboo have to do 1 row and space 1 row. Have to drilling around the trunk. When drilling have to push and pull frequently for let chip wood go out side. Drill type must be for iron drill type only. Size are 0.375 -0.625 inch up to trunk size.
5.After drilled, Urgent plug with biological. This biological is called ” C.B.G.” Plugging by tight. If C.B.G. is too sticky, mix with honey. Don’t use water. Because wood will be rotten.