Agarwood Plantation

Location Grow Selection

The agarwood can grow every area of Thailand. But if have to grow at flood cages, must have lifting rut higher than water level at least 1.5 Metre . The best area is foothills, small hill or ventilating water convenient area. But if area has the flood caged for long time, when agarwood grow will yellow die because agarwood like humidity but do not like wet.

Character of soil that Agarwood can grows up fast

Agarwood can glow up in the soil that have PH since 4.5-7.0 For checking soil quality, can consult Doctor soil of every part of Thailand or contact Land Development Center. The best soil for agrawood is laterite , especially the laterite mixes the combination of clay, mix the fat clay, next be combanication of clay, the combanication of clay mixes the fat clay, the combanication of clay mixes the sand and bad most be sandy soil. Especially area that have sandy white soil, rough sand, finely sand which have ground deep more than 3 Meter is not improperly grow the agarwood. Because glow up slow, easy fall, the trunk not completed, tottering. Therefore before grow, must be consider soil specification.

Grow Patterns ( 1 Rai = 1,600 SQM)

Diatance 4 x 4 Meters

This is glowing between rows by 4 Meters. Able to jostle grow vegetable or annual crops between agarwood rows. Suitable for farmers who grow vegetable or annual crops as carrier. But this type will get short agarwood tree, low productivity and easy fall. Therefore must be grow vegetable or annual crops after agarwood was growing up at least 3 years.

Jostle Grow

Agarwood can jostle grow with any vegetation and the best is Rubber Tree. But have to grow both at the same time or grow Rubber Tree not exceed 2 years . May jostle grow with any fruit or perennial plant but need to have sun shine. If grow in place with no sun shine, trunk will be dwarfed but not die.

Grow Process

Soil Digging: Have to dig soil deep 50 cm. wide 50 cm.

1. Fertilizer Insertion: Must be mixes cow shit with soil by 1:5 ratio and put at the bottom till high at 30 cm. (Cow shit must be dry and sterilized)

Plantation Agarwood : Good agarwood seeding must be 8 Months age up or at high
70 cm up and have to sit in the sun not less than 1 month. Strong trunk with yellow mix green color and shiny leaf. Once selected, press hands on round of bag for tightly soil. Beware broken bag. Put it down in the middle of hole. Use cutter slit bag, then move bag Out. Try to keep soil tightly. After that use hand press soil around bag by tight then useWood Vinegar mix with water by ratio 1:50 and pour on hole about 0.5 liters. After that put soil till hole full. Have to put soil not exceed 5 cm. from top of bag. If grow in raining season, need to do slope for predict flood. If in the summer time, should do hole deep about 5 cm. for keeping water. Try to tightly press soil around bag to protect soil go down. It may cause damage root.

Branch Trimming

Mostly agarwood have 2 branches at the top. Should be cut branch which have leaf under. After that will have twig around trunk. Need to keep it for photosynthesize and provide nourishment. Trunk will big and completed. After agarwood big and tall then slowly cut out by balance to trunk. If without cutting, trunk will short, more branch and resin encourage is no effort.

Water In summer or no raining time, should be give water 1 time/ 3-5 days follow environment.

Fertilize After growed by 1 month, should use cow shit about 1 kg/ tree scatter around and away from base about 10 cm. Then cover by soil to protect cow shit loosen. After 3 months, give cow shit again depends on trunk condition and grow area condition.

Enemy Most enemy of agarwood grow is “Thief”. Because in deep jungle, they still can go to steal. Next are worm, aphis, fungus, termite and kind of bug which can drill, bite and suck in ground.