Agarwood Oil Refining Process

This process is very essential. Take long time to training from practice will get good effect. Now “Thailand Agarwood Community” have open training center. Trainee have take course about 10 days. This training is no cost. Just request prepare health and hart by intention. Then trainee will succeed. Because T.A.Community need every member has powerful occupation, clarify and right. But if no training and go to do oneself then fail and discourage. Aarwood oil refining process are shown here,

A. Grinding Agarwood

1. Pell the agrwood goes out all. (Trunk) Then take it to rough grind machine.
2. Take it to dryly by wind.(As picture)
3. Take it to fine grind machine. (As picture)

B. Fermenting Agarwood

1. Provide big earth jar size 150 litre. Quantity as require.
2. Provide pure water. Good one is from earth pond. No use from underground or water supply dept.
3. Weigth the agarwood amount 15 Kg. Put in jar and add pure water about 80-100 liter up to wood quality. Bad wood use more water. Good wood use less water. Then use paddle stir throughout. After that use opaque plastic cover jar and bind tight.(As pic.)
4. Should be stir at least 1 time a day until wood sink.
5. Ferment takes time about 10 days. Observe from wood sink and have black dim above.(As pic.)

C. Distillation Agarwood oil

Now have many way to distillate oil and many kind of material such as aluminium,stainless, copper. Mostly have capacity since 10-1,500 Kg. The best material is copper and connects to glass tube condenser. (as pic.) Now T.A. Community uses this type. Production efficiency averages at 2 CC. form dry wood 1 kg. (Over all woods, no select grade)

Fine grinding

Fine grinding

Agarwood grinded

Agarwood grinded

Agarwood Fermentation

Agarwood Fermentation

Oil Collection

Oil Collection

Collective Agarwood Oil Procedure

1. Extinguish a fire until no steam flowing.
2. First open Distillation Agarwood water. Smoothly open until empty .
3. Use small bottle to fill Agarwood oil. When oil gets in to bottle, let it flow smooth until empty then close valve.

When finished process, extinguish a fire, open refinery pot. Cleaning glass tube. Use vacuum machine vacuum hot vapour. Take out agarwood garbage to sit in the sun. Can use it to produce agarwood joss stick. Every part of agarwood is useful and the rest is not waste, still useful.

Advantage of Agarwood Products.

A: Herbal Advantage

From the past until now every part of agarwood is herbal such as

  • Leaf : Be allergy medicine, treat the diabetes, etc., and leaf can separate to oil.
  • Distilled Agarwood Water: Be stomach ache medicine, constipation, have flatulence, and infected intestines. Thai people well known in name of “Krisana Kran Tra Ki-Lane” (Brand Name)
  • Agarwood scent: Treat dizzy, Head ache, Epilepsy. And use as Spa  Aromatherapy.
  • Agarwood Oil: Be hart medicine, cancer in intestines/stomach, Liver disease, Diabetes, Womb cancer, Taut.  Able to check health by use oil paint on palm around vessel. Takes time about 15 Min. The body will action something such as

Hart Disease: When get smell, will feel dizzy. But when breath little while, feel better breath.   
Stomach and Intestines Disease: When get smell, will have symptom rumble with hunger. Like when hungry.

Liver Disease: When smell, will get pale face and giddy. But agarwood oil is not effect to ladies who have menses. Especially oil can help old-man able to have sex.

  • Spa Liquid: Use for aromatherapy.
  • Seed:  Take seed inside 1 ea. Eat for laxative, long life medicine enhances the power. But not exceed 1 ea. Cause it let stomach lets off very.

Spa collection

Agarwood Oil Distillation Pot

B: Production Advantage

  1. Leaf, Branch, Stem, Trunk which already create oil able to refine every part.
  2. Agarwood garbage use to do joss stick.
  3. Spa liquid use to do soap and liquid soap.
  4. Scent use to do soap.  Vanish cream to protect termites and weevil
  5. Agarwood oil use to do concentrate perfumes.
  6. Young leaf use to do green tea.

C: Environment Advantage
Agarwood is ever green tree. Able to maintain environment, absorb CO2 and  maintain Green House.  Able grow to join in Kyoto Protocol project. Core subject is country who have manufacturer or create pollution must pay to compensate (Carbon Credit) to country where have growing tree or afforest. Now Thai Agarwood Community doing pilot project which have more details because it is new things for Thailand. Details as below,