Agarwood is a provincial. The wood is mentioning a long time since the era of the position. "That's a rarity." The needs of the high society world. "Expensive as gold"

Agarwood History

Krisana(Agarwood) is a tree’s symbol of Trad province. It have long story since the Buddha’s lifetime in the position of” The valuable scarce”. Be required form high social around the world and “Expensive like the gold”. It’s 1 part in 4 part of nature fragrant which called”Chatoorachart-Sukon” (Agarwood,Kalampak,Chan and Flower). Agarwood is the contraband of general people because there have a law allow trading only King since the beginning Ayudhya period in King Na-rai the Great.(Last 400 Years). Agarwood use to do tribute and goods export to China since Ayuddhaya period(Last 400 years). Agarwood’s stink and herb Properties have spread to Arab peninsula in Middle East, Greek Kingdom, Roman, Old Egypt and throughtout Asis.

Agarwood is a expensive goods trading. Agarwood products only have in Asia. Especially SEA. Then “Agarwood” is a symbol of East and Suwannaboom or Thailand in now. Thai ancient like to burn agrwood chip to get fragrance in the room. Form document record of priest “Tazard” who leave in Thailand in “Na-rai Great the King” period speech “On the way I have passed is fragrance spreading by agrwood smell which is valuable kind of tree and fragrance. Now Arabian, Muslim, and Chinese like to burn agrwood to get fragrance.

Now Thailand is the first country who can export Agarwood products worldwide be legal and follow the “CITES” treaty. Because Thailand had growing a lot of agrwood since 1984 and developed grow system. Now able to use biological encourage agrwood to get oil until accepted form worldwide market. We had registered agrwood growing with CITES amount 7,404,452 trees. Now throughout Thailand about 10 Million Trees but not enough for increase demand. Because natural agrwood was felled a lot especially in Kao-Yai Natural Park area.

Agarwood Type

Agarwood is in Thymelaeaceae Family, Aquilalia Species. Trunk size is medium but when it was grow up, trunk becomes bigger. The wood rather young but when have more age, wood rather hardness and get yellow color. Have beauty stripe. Easy to shell. It have straight trunk. Color rather red. Have small pimple with red,black,gray and young green on skin.

Agarwood is fast growth wood. Totally have 16 breed. In Thailand, have found About 4 type. (Recently, around the world had found about 16 breed) It was modify according to “Agarwood World Conference No.1”at Vietnam as following details,
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Agarwood Breed

Seed Advantage: Have main root. Fast growth. Strong trunk. Durable the disease. Disadvantage: Limited Breed. Have recessive happen continually. Difficult to control breed and may dominance happen.
Tissue Advantage: Able to breed as high quantity with follow straight species. Disadvantage: No main root. Easy to fall. Sickness. Trunk is weak.

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Agarwood Plantation

The agarwood can grow every area of Thailand. But if have to grow at flood cages, must have lifting rut higher than water level at least 1.5 Metre . The best area is foothills, small hill or ventilating water convenient area. But if area has the flood caged for long time, when agarwood grow will yellow die because agarwood like humidity but do not like wet.

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Weed No use chemical to eradicate weed. Especially Glycosate(Brand Name) or absorb chemical. Better cutting grasses . When summer should have grasses cover base for keep moisture and don’t let ground too clear. Continuous maintenance at least 3 years.

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Agarwood : C.B.G. Resin Encourage Process

After 3 years, somewhere may have worm or bug drilling the trunk such as Brown Coffee Worm (As picture) Owner should take care it good. Once worm drilling the trunk, will have ant go in that hole. Resin encourage will happen faster than normal worm drilling. (As picture). But if already 5 years without resin, it’s time to use “Electric Worm”

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Agarwood Harvest Procedure

1. Every agarwood trees have to register with CITES . Proof for export to over sea. (According to CITES convention)
2. Every agarwood trees have to verify source such as Grower, address, ownership evidence of grow land. Everything needs to clarify.

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Agarwood Oil Refining Process

This process is very essential. Take long time to training from practice will get good effect. Now “Thailand Agarwood Community” have open training center. Trainee have take course about 10 days. This training is no cost. Just request prepare health and hart by intention. Then trainee will succeed. Because T.A.Community need every member has powerful occupation, clarify and right. But if no training and go to do oneself then fail and discourage. Aarwood oil refining process are shown here

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Agarwood Marketing

Now agarwood product is only one industrial agriculture which producer or agriculturist able to set up price oneself. Not allow buyer set up price. Which make a low price problem now. Agriculture products have supply more than demand. Mostly Thai people doing very good products but not expert to sale. Not like Singapore, they only small country but expert in business then their country has progressive. Even agarwood product, Singapore is also a broker for long time. Recently world market have agarwood oil demand about 4,000,000 CC. / Month and demand have continuously grow up but now(2006) Thailand productivity only 50,000 CC/Year. Cause many countries struggle to seek a raw material and hurry growing agarwood and turn to take an interests the agarwood seriously because more buyer but less vendor. Now Thai Agarwood Community which have branch 59 office, member 100,000 guys and had grow agarwood tree already 12 Millions. The agarwood we had growing already give product since 4 years ago.

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